Dmn-js support for dmn 1.2?

We are using dmn-js for displaying dmn models in the browser. Now we started to support DMN 1.2 models in our software, which cannot be displayed with dmn-js. I would like to ask:

  • Is DMN 1.2 support planned for dmn-js? If so, when?
  • Is there another way to show DMN 1.2 in the browser?
  • Is there a workaround to show DMN 1.2 diagrams in dmn-js (conversion back to 1.1?)

Thank you in advance!

We did not start working on DMN 1.2 support yet. The scope of the support is currently in discussion.

Now we started to support DMN 1.2 models in our software.

What is your software?

Hi Nikku,
Thank you for the quick answer. We are using DMN to model legislative rules for the upcoming Dutch consolidated environmental law.
We use the dmn-js to view the DMN files.
More info in dutch:

So in a nutshell, some official documents will are being published as DMN 1.2 files?

The primary target is to execute the rules using Drools, which has support for DMN 1.2. We use the viewer for browsing the rulesets.

What is your software ?

So to answer my initial question: You use Drools to create the DMN tables?