DMN import did not render / import warning

Tried to import a DMN Model I previously created with Signavio. Import failed however with the following information:

unparsable content <inputExpression> detected
    line: 4
    column: 25
    nested error: unknown type <dmn:InputExpression>

Looking at the XML I assume it has something to do with a collection of items. The affected part in the XML reads:

What I modeled in Signavio was a collection of possible Values (gut, mittel, schlecht) out of which I selected one or many in my decisions. In Signavio everything renders fine. Don’t they comply to DMN standards or is it another problem?

Could you provide us with the complete Signavio export (annonymize it, if crucial data is contained)?

That would help us to understand and reproduce this issue.

The DMN was a bit large to annonymize it. I just created the attached sample DMN in Signavio which contains the same construction - causing the same message when I try to upload it to

Attaching apparently did not work. Could you try to re-attach it?

TestingSignavioCamundaexchange.dmn (3.8 KB)

Attached the sample I mentioned in the previous post.

Hello @irau,

thanks for the feedback, I’ve fixed the issue and it will soon go through our pipeline and be fixed on the demo. Just a side note, the importing/exporting will work, but you won’t be able to model or see any element, because there is no DI information (graphical information).


But I will see the decision tables - won’t I? Otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense to import the DMN at all :wink:

The problem is that at the moment, we’re only displaying decision tables if there aren’t any other graphical elements (like Input data or knowledge source), in case there is no DI information provided. We also allow the creation of a graphical element if you open a dmn file with only a decision table inside it (we’ll create the DI information on the fly).

Short answer, no, you won’t be able to see any decision table at the moment.


Additional note: More comprehensive tools such as the Camunda Modeler will sooner or later get the ability to show tables, even if there is no DI for the DRD. That is future work though, too :wink:.

mhh. So what would then be the use of importing the repective DMN to

At the moment the OMG has yet do release a schema with a defined graphical interchange format. This means that each modeling vendor has to come up with it’s own solution on how to extend the xml, so it can render Decision Requirement Diagrams, including importing/exporting.

This situation leads to this intermediate state, where exporting from one modeler vendor won’t result in the same behavior when importing on another modeler vendor.