DMN Decision Table inside BPMN diagram


Im need like a Decision Table to be implanted in my gateways BPMN editor, and i would like to know if the existing DMN Decision Table could be exploted on the BPMN editor ?

Thanks a lot !



There is no such functionality since bpmn-js and dmn-js are two independent modeling tools. You can built such functionality using the two.


How could i do it ? indeed, i need to implant DMN into gateway’s BPMN editor.

Thanks a lot



What have you already tried? Have you made yourself familiar with both projects?


Hum not really, but i just dont know how i could integrate this project inside my bpmn editor project ^^’ i would have a display just like the custom properties pannel for example, and not in another server.

Thanks a lot



Making yourself familiar with both projects is a good first step. :+1:


Okok thanks :slight_smile: