Displaying Kanji icons in the modelling tool not normal icons - IE10 & 11

As you can see from the image I can only see Kanji icons not the western arrows, circles, hands, etc.
IE 11 and language set to English UK
What other settings are there to change so that I can create a BPMN diagram in IE?
It works in Chrome

Having got into this situation there are a couple of issues with the Kanji display
o Tool tips are in English - whilst good for me :slight_smile: it is not so good for those the icons are intended for
o The images around the periphery (open, download, full screen, etc.) are empty boxes :frowning:

PS the forum formatting toolbar is also empty in this state

We may be able to reproduce / adress this issue, if you give us some more pointers.

Checkout your developer tools (F12) whether some of the font files are loaded in the wrong way, i.e. wrong encoding.

As I said it works in Chrome, so my best guess is it is something to do with the locale for where the app is looking for the image/Icons to render the page.
I am attaching an image of the forum edit page and you can see there are no buttons for strong, emphasis, etc. But the hover text appears… I can find mention of them in the code (F12), but as I am no longer a coder I cannot work out what to do next. If you give me a better clue as to what to look for, I would be grateful.

Buttons from Chrome

Thanks in advance

All right, this really seems to be an issue with your browser / resource loading. Maybe you are behind a proxy that does not provide the right encoding for font files (important for IE).

Another solution can be pre-loading (cf. Chinese palette icons flickering - IE11).