Display context menu even for zoomed out models

I repeatedly see new users of the modeler to struggle with the fact that the context menu of symbols is not displayed from a certain small zooming factor downwards. They do not know why it is not available when clicking on a symbol.

And as an expert user, I would also sometimes love to remain in an “overview mode” zooming out quite far, but still be able to model something in between existing symbols - but WITHOUT the need to zoom in all the time just to reach the context menu. (And as the label in editing mode always remains readable, one could do a lot of modeling, even though deciding to stay in that zoomed out “bird view”!)

If you like that thought: it would probably make sense to have a minimum size for the context menu itself, in order to allow users to reach the menu entries. (I would not display the menu with a fixed size, because I sometimes see people with rather bad eyesight zooming in and out as if it were a “Bedienungshilfe” for handicapped people - and improved accessibility is actually a fine side effect of the zooming tool)

Hello @martinschimak,

thanks for your feedback. I’ve created a ticket regarding this, with some thoughts on the matter.


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