Disable CTRL-F search function

We would like to disable the search (CTRL-F) function on the modeler and viewer. Because once used it will stay active, even we press CTRL-F somewhere else in our application and would expect that the internal search function from browser will be shown.

I can not reproduce this behavior. Can you describe how to reproduce it in more detail?

  1. I startet your online Demo (https://demo.bpmn.io/new)
  2. CTRL-F and entering Test
  3. Set display:none, because in our application an user can change the tab for example, so the bpmn diagram is display none. Image2
  4. From now on the browser ctrl-f does not work anymore. Image3
  5. Im using newest Chrome.

Is it possible to disable ctrl-f in the diagram completely, that only the browser search does work?

You can disable modules by overriding it providing an empty module with the same name when creating the bpmn-js instance:

var modeler = new BpmnJS({
  additionalModules: [
      bpmnSearch: [ 'value', 'foo' ]

Thanks a lot. Works like a charm!

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