Diagram may not render correctly due to import warnings

When I try to open the attached diagram on demo.bpmn.io I get the following error message: “Diagram may not render correctly due to import warnings” with the following details:

# Import Warnings
One or more problems have been identified when trying to import the BPMN 2.0 diagram:
unknown attribute <version>
unknown attribute <packageName>
unknown attribute <adHoc>
unknown attribute <ruleFlowGroup>
unknown attribute <priority>
unknown attribute <priority>

The attached diagram has been generated in a Drools project (v 5.6.0) with eclipse neon3 with Drools and jBPM Eclipse plugins.
Online demo can visualize the diagram but when I use bpmn-viewer.development.js (local or CDN url) no warning or error message has thrown. I attach a screenshot.

PrecautionFlow.bpmn (4.7 KB)

The warnings are displayed because bpmn-js does not know the drools namespace and its attributes or elements. Thus, if the drools XML affect the diagram look, it is ignored by the tool.

Regarding the viewer, can you please share a codesandbox which allows to look into your project?

Hi barmac,

Thanks for your answer.

Visit please the following:

Thanks in advance.

Although I couldn’t open your zkfiddle, the file opens correctly in my locally setup viewer. Can you try this out at CodeSandbox to test that with plain html + JS?

Hi Maciej
It’s weird that you can’t load the ZKFiddle, see the code, and run it.
Anyway, using pure html + js doesn’t change the behavior (I’ll do something wrong)


So this actually fails due to CORS issues. Have a look at this with inlined BPMN: CodeSandbox