Diagram may not render correctly due to import warnings. Show details

I’m trying to upload a diagram created in Blueworks Live.
I am getting multiple import warnings “unresolved reference…” I can’t seem to put the warnings and my file attachment so I’m just including my file attachment.

ACE Letter Process Overview.bpmn (33.8 KB)

Hi @robinkuma,

the reason why this diagram isn’t importing in our tools is that it does not have any DI information in it. We need this to know how to render all the bpmn elements. Right now, it isn’t possible for us to auto-render this (cf. this issue. There is an experimental auto-layout tool on GitHub, but it isn’t maintained by us (anymore).

thank you for your speedy response! so am I correct to assume that no BPMN import tools will accept this document?

Not sure about every tool that exists, but not our bpmn.io modeling tools.