Diagram behind tools panel after reset zoom

When i have a large diagram, every time i use the reset zoom button, the diagram fit in the screen but ignores the tools panel in the process, ending up in the diagram being behind the tools panel.

I was able to reproduce the same issue on the Demo editor, as screenshot shows:

I believe that a quickly workaround would be change the transform matrix everytime i reset zoom to add an offset to the viewport, but i dont know if it’s even possible, once i tried a simple test changing the matrix values on HTML but seens that the view dont update when values are changed this way.

This is the intended behaviour. If you feel this should be changed, please feel free to open an issue in the bpmn-js repository, so it can be properly discussed.

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Well, for anyone that might need to change the default behaviour, a simple “Display:none” style to the panel root work.

I append a element inside the canvas with a onClick that adds to the menu the display style.