Development into existing project


We have a bit of a project here that involves orchestration, and I am familiar with the basics of BPMN and the use of the XML structure. The project looks very mature, and we would like to use the modelling JS BPMN for our project and existing interface. However looking for developer that can assist and quote on his rate to help us achieve this.

What we essentially looking for is removing a lot of functionality from the modeler and providing a simple affective way that is supported using BPMN 2.0 standards to do:

  • Create multiple swim lanes.
  • Not sure if each swim lane/pool must have its own start?
  • Only have two different tasks, (user, background task) - not sure what background should be? Service? (The background task effectively will just cause our system to execute code in the background)
  • The user task we assume is to be used to display a form? something that requires user interaction

What is the best way for us to link tasks to user defined code? Not sure if we can store metadata in the BPMN 2.0 element/object/tasks etc that will be within the BPMN 2 xml data structure.

Obviously we need a scope of work and only now started looking at it. We happy to out-source the assistance to speed track our project.

The backend engine that processes the tasks etc we will develop including the part that drives the UI user actions that was defined in the model.

Please drop me your email if your keen and experienced using this specific project.