Demo - Collapsing Pool


I tested the demo-Page today and discovered a very nice magic feature.
If you place a pool in canvas, put some shapes into and then collapse the pool.
Expand the pool and all included elements are gone.


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Is this a feature request, or a report a bug? Or would you simply like to share the magic feature you’ve found?


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Hi Nico,

I assume that this is a bug.
But nevertheless also an interesting magic behavior.


I’m sorry but we don’t do magic at What you’re observing is the expected behavior of turning a pool containing a process into an empty pool that doesn’t contain a process. This is not the same as changing the size of a pool. You can use undo to get your elements back.

Hi Philipp,

sorry, I am a little bit confused.
It is the expected behavior to collapse a pool to get them empty?
Maybe to you will find another describtion/name for this feature.

Because if the user collapses something, the expecation is, if the user expands the object all includes are available again.

At design time, it’s especially annoying when you collapse an object to provide space for other changes, and when you expand it determines that the whole childs are gone. Then Undo is not an option.

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I agree with you, the naming is misleading. We use collapsed for both sub-processes and pools even though only in the case of sub-processes it’s a visual property. There’s been some discussion about preserving the content of pools when turning them into empty pools even though this is not possible according to the specification. See for more information.