Decision Table Head Customization Error

My Custom Decision Table Head --> Left inferno implementation as is as of now

import DecisionTableHead from 'dmn-js-decision-table/lib/features/decision-table-head/components/DecisionTableHead';

export default function MyDecisionTableHeadProvider(components) {
  components.onGetComponent('table.head', function() {
    return DecisionTableHead;
MyDecisionTableHeadProvider.$inject = ['components'];

MyDecisionTableHeadProvider Module

import MyDecisionTableHeadProvider from './my-decision-table-head-provider';
export default {
  __init__: ['decisionTableHeadProvider'],
  decisionTableHeadProvider: ['type', MyDecisionTableHeadProvider]

My Component

import customDecisionTableHeadProviderModule from './decision-diagram-overrides/decision-table-head-overrides';
this.dmnDiagramModeler = new DmnModeler({
      keyboard: { bindTo: window },
      drd: {
        additionalModules: [
      moddleExtensions: {
        camunda: camundaModdleDescriptor

Dmn modeller development js strict is undefined and throwing error No Provider for Component…

function Injector(modules, parent) {
    parent = parent || {
      get: function get(name, strict) {

        if (strict === false) {
          return null;
        } else {
          throw error('No provider for "' + name + '"!');

Console Error.
Error: No provider for “components”! (Resolving: decisionTableHeadProvider -> components)
at error (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7643)
at Object.get (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7631)
at get (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7683)
at eval (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7702)
at ()
at fnDef (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7698)
at Array.instantiate (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7712)
at Injector.get (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:7678)
at eval (dmn-modeler.development.js?7d03:11316)
at Array.forEach ()

Can anyone help me to understand why “strict” is undefined when I tried to extend Decision Table Head?

For further assistance, please share a CodeSandbox that reproduces your issue in a way that we can inspect it.

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Thank you so much for responding to my question. Sure, I will clean up my code and have it in the code sandbox

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