Decision or Conditional Event question

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I am making a BPMN from a production plant & processes, I have a question. In this production, if there is not enough raw material, the order will be set “on pause”, and will require purchasing of further materials. If there is enough raw material, the production can be planned and then started. This process of checking the inventory for go or no go, is it a decision or is it a conditional event? It is decided by the production manager, as they dont use an ERP system, so I can’t really figure out :smiley:

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Hi @jsmknudsen , welcome!

This forum is rather about questions about the bpmn-io toolkit. If you have BPMN modeling-related questions I can recommend asking in the Camunda Forum. I’m sure you will find help much quicker over there.

Thank you so much, totally did not see this :smiley: