Database with the modeler

How can I start to develop with the bpmn modeler, I am trying use sqlite database in my application to save all the tasks and I wanna create a sample popup to the user insert the tasks and I automatically create in the modeler
Its so hard I dont know where I go like what class I need to modify to make a new pallete (I know about PalleteProvider but I dont know how I edit this one) or how I save all my tasks in a database,

And, what is the best tool to develop? like IDE, or framework, to organize my code,

Sorry for my english,

Thanks !!!

If you’d like to incorporate our BPMN modeler you need to recognize two things:

  • Our libraries are client-side only (javascript) and do not pose any constraint into your overall architecture
  • You need to build an application around them yourself (including backend / saving features)

Use our examples to learn about embedding the modeler. If you’d like to use it pre-bundled, you can do that, too.

Given that information I feel like your question regarding database is slightly off-topic.