Data, and message Objects

Hi Guys,
you are doing a great job with the modeler. Its the first serious lightweight process modeler i ever found.

Following suggestion: We do not need the data store object in the palette. Remove it, and put it behind the properties of the “normal” data object. There you can place data input/output/collection objects/markers as well. Thus it behaves like the other objects in the modeler.

For discussion: if we deal the data object as a general placeholder for artifacts, you can put message objects behind its properties too. So the global panel will not be “overpopulated”, but we have the possibility to use the rarely needed data/message objects as well.

And finally, one should be able to attach these objects right to a sequence flow!

I am not sure if I understand your suggestions in detail.

Could you create a small mock up that illustrates what you mean with:

Would you like to add a general panel for all kinds of artifacts to the properties panel?

How should that be possible? What would be the BPMN semantics?

Dear Nikku,
In the left hand panel we have the “Create DataObjectReference” tool. I drag it in my process. When I click it, I expect to have the wrench symbol. Clicking that, I expect to have DataInput / DataOutput / DataStore, and Collection marker.

I do not want a general panel for all kinds of artifacts, sorry. I want to withdraw my first thougt to bring message objects (letter form symbol in white and in grey) also in this context menu. It would be appropriate to bring these message objects in the (future) context menu of the dashed message line.

Finally, you asked for the bpmn-semantics of attaching a data object right to the sequence flow. If the sequence flow represents the data object, because the information for the next proceeding step is brought via this data object, i would attach it directly to the sequence flow according to abbildung 2.106 of Praxishandbuch BPMN 2.0, page 105. There you can also see a use case for the message object.

Thanks for the clarification. I take the following things away:

  • Data Object and Data Store could be combined (Palette wise)
  • It should be possible to replace a data object with a data store via the replace menu and vice versa
  • We should be able to attach a data object to a sequence flow (missing feature)

Thank you!:slightly_smiling:

You can attach a data object to a sequence flow using the following trick:
1.) attach the data object to the target object to which the regarding sequence flow points
2.) bend the data flow association that it follows the sequence flow. You see that the first portion is dashed.