Customizing the contextPad element

Hi Team, I am very new to BPMN library and any help is greatly appreciated. The workflow I am trying to implement is like the below.


There will be a searchpad attached to the contextpad. The user should be able to search for certain tasks and the results will be fetched by the api. When the user has selected a task, it should appear as a new element in the canvas.

Is this customization possible? I tried to bring the searchpad (which is available in diagram js) but couldn’t make it work. Can anyone put a light on this problem ? Thanks in advance.

The SearchPad module can be used to search the current diagram, not the context pad entries.

As you can see in, we have a similar behaviour to what you are trying to implement. You can have a look at how we do this in this extension module: bpmn-js-connectors-extension/AppendMenu.js at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-connectors-extension · GitHub

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Beatriz Mendes Thanks a lot!. I will check this out. Currently I could customize the searchPad to search a predefined list.