Customize property panel

Good afternoon,
I would like to know how I can customize the properties panel.
I understand that for each icon of the graphic of activate certain windows in the properties panel, I want to know how I can hide the windows I do not want to use in my properties panel.
I would also like to customize a specific window that is “Extensions” for each icon of the graphic.

In the “Extensions” window of each graphic icon I want to put different parameters by default in the “name” section, can this change be made?

I appreciate the help

Good morning,

Any idea how I can make these changes in the properties panel.
Thank you!

There are two questions here:

1. Excluding specific tabs of the properties panel.

You can exclude specific tabs by modifying the provider.

2. Adding default extension elements OR having fixed options for extension elements

Please provide more context about this one. Do you want to add extension elements by default or do you want to limit the extension elements one can add/edit?

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Good morning Philippfromme,
With respect to the second question I would like to add extension elements by default depending on each icon of the graph.
I attached two images for you to see what I want to do, for example in the start event the parameters are different from the parameters of the task event, I would like the section “Name” that appears in the red image to have a fixed value and that the “Value” section that appears in blue in the image can be modified by the user. Is this possible?

Thank you very much for answering my questions I remain attentive!

First of all please keep the communication in English.

So you’d like to restrict possible extension elements two the three you mentioned? That’s possible but you’d have to modify TableEntryFactory to be able to allow editing for specific table cells only. Currently it’s not possible.

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Ready, thank you very much, I’ll look at how TableEntryFactory works.

Good day!