Customize decision table(dmn-js) column size based on content


  1. May I know if there is a way to set the column width on decision table based on the screen size or adjust the column based on content?
  2. Is there a way to add button next to Hit Policy?

Hi @samuel,

there is no option to do that currently. DMN operates and stores the width of columns in pixel measurements, so adding responsive design is not a simple task.

You can manually change the width of the columns by dragging the separator:
Recording 2023-01-18 at 14.14.45

Hi @Martin

Our users want to see everything on one screen without horizontal scrolling. May I know if there is any way to achieve this?

You’ll have to find out yourself. We haven’t looked into this topic and aren’t planning to at the moment. Also, this approach will not scale if you have a lot of columns.

Thank you @philippfromme

May I know if I can disable resize on a column?