Custom table for propertie panel

I want to use entryFactory table for add atributes to an element dynamically. I want to press the add button and then a new textfield generated to fiil and then added a atribute to the elemente with this value entered. The problem is that I dont now/undestand how this is done with the getElements addElements, updateElement removeElement funtions. See the full picture for more info. Thanks in advance.


what error are you experiencing in particular?

You could use the existing implementation as a reference, for example


Thanks for the advise. I did it and work as I wanted. The xml that bpmn generate is correct with my cutom properties inside the extensionElements like camunda:properties. But when I try to load this same xml with the same modeler my custom properties are gone and in the propertie panel in my custom tab does not show the values saved.

To make an example see this screenshots. The first one is adding de new propertie in the propertie panel.
the second is de xml geneated when I save the diagram
the third is when I load the xml that I just save
And the fourth is the xml tha is generated when I save the same xml.

As you can see when the xml is loaded the custom properties inside the extension Elements are not loaded.

Thanks for the help

Sorry my bad I fix the issue. I have a typo error in the definition of the custom descriptor. Thanks anyway.

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