Custom shape doesnot have x,y,width and height property

Custom shape doesnot have there properties in xml file, like this:
<omgdc:Bounds />

<omgdc:Bounds x=“582” y=“82” width=“36” height=“36” />

I checked the object and find they have different businessObject structure.
normal element’s bussinessObject:
“$type”: “bpmn:BusinessRuleTask”,
“id”: “BusinessRuleTask_2”,
“name”: “审核失败”,
“di”: {
“$type”: “bpmndi:BPMNShape”,
“bounds”: {
“$type”: “dc:Bounds”,
“x”: 350,
“y”: 260,
“width”: 100,
“height”: 80
“id”: “BusinessRuleTask_2_di”,
“x”: 350

custom element’s bussnessObject is:
“type”: “custom:button”,
“id”: “Flow_00c7khr-CustomButton”,
“x”: 450,
“y”: 300,
“width”: 30,
“height”: 30,
“name”: “+”,
“di”: {
“$type”: “bpmndi:BPMNShape”,
“bounds”: {
“$type”: “dc:Bounds”
“id”: “Flow_00c7khr-CustomButton_di”,

CustomModeler.prototype.addCustomShape = function(customElement) {


const canvas = this.get('canvas');

const elementFactory = this.get('elementFactory');

const customAttrs = assign({businessObject: customElement}, customElement);

const customShape = elementFactory.create('shape', customAttrs);

return canvas.addShape(customShape);


how to fixed this?

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