Custom react bpmn package

Im trying to use react-bpmn but there is no documentation about customizing the plugin , only i can see example to display . Can any one share information on how to customize react-bpmn.


In what way do you want to customize it?

@philippfromme right now i can see only diagram. We have requirement to change left palette like add new options to palette and add custom options to nodes and also to change the look and feel.

And also there is no clear doc on how to enable palette , right now i can only see the diagram.

Check out:

Customization works the same independently of what framework you’re using.

@philippfromme is there any way where i can access the instance of react-bpmn and also can i customize the color and properties by passing addtional paramters to react-bpmn component.
like because it better to customize the react-bpmn component rather than including script and styles externally.

Right now (Dec’ 2019) the component does not accept additional modules for bpmn-js as it is focused on using it to just view diagrams. If you’re building your custom modeler anyway I’m not sure if it makes sense to use this primitive component.

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@philippfromme yup i was searching for it … thanks for the info