Custom Property Panel not adding property to all elements

I was following the bpmn-js-examples/properties-panel-extension and when I got to the Create a Moddle Extension section I tried to extend the property to all bpmn elements using “bpmn:BaseElement”. Unfortunately, it still applies the property to only the StartEvent. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

Hello and thanks for sharing that comprehensive setup.

It looks like you limit the control shown in the properties panel to elements of type bpmn:StartEvent:

// NewProps.js
export default function (group, element, translate) {
  // Only return an entry, if the currently selected
  // element is a start event.

  if (is(element, "bpmn:StartEvent")) {
      entryFactory.textField(translate, {
        id: "input",
        description: "Apply a new property",
        label: "Input",
        modelProperty: "input"

If you want an editing control to show up for all elements, remove the element check or, even better, check for your extension moddle type:

  if (is(element, "custom:MyExtensionModdleType")) {
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