Custom Property Panel in React

Hello, I am using React and I wanted to create a custom panel that will be imported as react component, but will reuse some of the already created methods in bpmn-js-property-panel package(since in the newest alpha version we have only the minified npm package, I will copy-paste the methods I need in my project). I already saw that I cannot reuse useService hook in this case as a cons, the assumption is because it’s a preact context according to this comment: React properties panel - #7 by Niklas_Kiefer.
I already have created react context for some dynamic data that I need, and my plan is to reuse that data in this custom panel component. The custom react property panel will use material UI components.

I am interested if there is some other cons of this approach, why I should not be implement the property panel on this way?

I took the idea of GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-example-react-properties-panel: An example how to build a simple properties panel for bpmn-js using React this example, just I am doing it completely with hooks instead of classes