Custom properties with "editable = false"


This issue is similar to but it looks like there was no solution provided in the end.

I’m trying to make certain custom properties “read-only” in the standard BPMN modeler. I found this commit from 2016 ( but I am unable to make it work. Note that I am following the properties-panel-extension repo as a template.

I’ve tried two ways:

  1. from what I understand in the commit, it looks like the descriptor handles the mentioned “enabled=false” attribute, so I’ve tried this:

“types”: [{
“name”: “dummyEvent”,
“extends”: [
“properties”: [{
“name”: “dummy”,
“isAttr”: true,
“type”: “String”,
“editable”: false

  1. but since it wouldn’t work, I also tried to use the attribute in the *props.js file as follow:

export default function(group, element) {

// Only return an entry, if the event is…

if (is(element, ‘bpmn:BaseElement’)) {
id : ‘dummy’,
description : ‘’,
label : ‘dummy’,
modelProperty : ‘dummy’,
editable : false

None of them helped! Does anyone know how to use the attribute properly so that the custom properly is in read-only mode in the modeler? Or did I understand the commit wrong?


The issue you mentioned was closed. This feature does not exist in the properties panel.