Custom meta-model, start from scratch

Short background: For our research project at university we would like to develop a diagram editor with its own underlying meta-model. We found bpmn-js and think that it would be a perfect foundation.

Question: What would be a good starting point to implement our own meta-model, visual components, etc.? Is there an “empty” branch on GitHub which we could make use of? Implementing everything through modifications to bpmn-js doesn’t seem very practical, or does it? (There are a (very) few similiarities to bpmn)

Steps done:

  • Read walkthrough
  • Check out source code
  • Check out examples
  • Check Forum for similar existing posts

Help is very appreciated!

Hi @MikeLauer,

maybe you should have a look at diagram-js: GitHub - bpmn-io/diagram-js: A toolbox for displaying and modifying diagrams on the web.

Hope this helps, Ingo