Custom elements in properties panel

I am working with bpmn-js-properties-panel in React. Is there a way that I could inject custom views into the properties panel? I would like to try using some react components for displaying information about certain bpmn elements. If this cannot be done with React can plain html be done? Thanks.

Hi @rching,

the best starting point exploring the capabilities of the properties-panel are the following two examples:



Hi FaHinse,

I have looked at those resources already. I have created my own provider and moddle extension. One of the elements I want to add are radio buttons. I do not see support for them. Also there is no mention in those resources about customizing the available views/inputs.

It is possible I missed something. Any further info would be appreciated, thanks.

hi @rching,

can you please explain where you want to add radio buttons exactly?

The example project showcasing the property panel shows that radio buttons can be used in the panel. I recommend digging into the code there in order to understand how to use these for your own project.