Custom elements and Grouping

We are customizing the palette with custom controls and the article below does help with this use case

We would be like to have some kind of grouping in the form of a drop down based trigger. If a group is selected in the drop down, it refreshes the palette with controls for that group. are there any references for this use case ?

To clarify: do you want to do have something similar to the dropdown that appears when you click the wrench button in the context pad? (See screenshot bellow)

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 17.24.59

We want the capability in the palette itself - refresh it when some one chooses a group in a dropdown or something


Unfortunately, we don’t have any working example for this behaviour.

You can look at how the Palette is implemented and how getPaletteEntries is used to return the control entires to give you a better idea of how to implement this.
Note that you can provide custom HTML to an entry to achieve your dropdown.