Custom element, what is the best approach?

I’m making a simplified version of the modeler for a particular project that need very little functionality. In order to simplify modelling for the users I wanna be able to create normal parallel gateways and also parallel gateways with the exclusive gateway graphics.

I have a custom palette and a custom json model working fine and I will perform some logic depending on the type of gateway using execution delegates. But I don’t know how to change the graphics of the second type of gateways.

Should I create a custom element or is it enough to change the graphics in the createAction functions invoked in the palette? This models should run in camunda later.

Thanks in advance,

hi @gcalvo,

do I understand you correctly:

You want to create subset of available bpmn elements with 2 elements, the parallel gateway and another gateway with the behaviour of the parallel and the look of the exclusive gateway?

Yes, that is exactly what I want.

As far as I understand I can define custom elements or simply add properties to existing elements by declaring them in a json model. This is how my especial paralllel gateway looks like:

  "name": "SpecialParallelGateway",
  "extends": [
  "properties": [
	"name": "operation",
	"type": "String",
	"isAttr": true

And in the Custom Palette I fill the operation field with the code of the operation it has to be performed by the execution listener.

You need to change the renderer if you want certain elements to be rendered in a specific way. Have you tried this yet?

Can I change the renderer by adding a CustomRenderer module like in this example?

If I define a custom element will it be processed in camunda like a parallel gateway?

Do I have to create CustomFactoryElement, CustomRules and all the others as well?