Custom AutoSuggestTextBox

Hi, I have a working autosuggesttextbox for camunda properties panel candidate groups. However I would like to group my list into users/groups/affilitates. I assume to do this I would need a custom autosuggest? Or would i need a custom EntryFactory to call the customAutoSuggest?

The code I am currently using to do the autosuggest:

			entryFactory.autoSuggest(this.translate, {
				canSuggest: () => true,
				id: 'candidateGroups',
				label: this.translate('Select a USER'),
				modelProperty: 'candidateGroups',

				getItems: () => =>

Like, where entryFactory is can i just inject a component? I was unable to do so so far.

That’s true. The current autosuggest entry factory is rather basic. Anything beyond you would have to build / extend on your own.

Also the entry factories are not injectable at the moment.