Custom Appen Element popMenu

How can I change the items in this menu? Or remove that button from my pad


To remove this menu you could:

  1. Exclude the create-append-anything module completely: Do not use Modeler but rely on BaseModeler. Pick only the modules you actually need (excluding create-append-anything) - this will also remove the “Create element” menu in the palette.

  2. Remove only the append menu: Create ContextPadProvider that removes the context pad entry that trigger the menu. Example:

CustomProvider.prototype.getContextPadEntries = function(element) {
  return function(entries) {

    delete entries.append;

    return entries;

However if you want to change the menu entries, you can use a custom popup menu (‘bpmn-append’) provider to do so (similar approach to the example above).

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Thank you, the second alternative already solves my problem

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