Cumston type_taks no fount in

Hello, how could you help me? I am instantiating bpmn.js and in its properties is not the type_task or in its configuration of I do not know if this configuration changed

var self=this;
      self.bpmnJS.on('commandStack.shape.create.postExecuted', function(event) {
        var element = event.context.shape;

        self.element_old = element;

        self.setColorElementBpmn(element, 'white', element.type);

        var modeler =self.bpmnJS;
        const type_tasks = modeler.type_task_bpmn.concat(type_start_end_procces);
        const element_actual = type_tasks.find(task_bpmn => == element.type);

        if (element_actual) {
            var modeling = this.bpmnJS.get('modeling');
            modeling.setColor(element, {
                stroke: element_actual.color,
                fill: 'white',

Can you explain in detail what you want to achieve? It’s hard to help you otherwise.

I would like to configure the types of custom tasks this configuration allows me to configure it but the problem is that it does not allow the configuration to add custom type_task


tells me that it is undefined

this is in angular 10


why do you need this? It looks dirty to manipulate the Modeler instance with your custom properties.