Creating sub-processes

I am unaware of how to create sub-processes on I can add a collapsed subprocess, or I can add an expanded subprocess, but I cannot seem to relate the two.

I have tried (double) clicking the [+] on the collapsed subprocess, but that leads me to revise the text. I think this might be similar to the thread here.


p.s. looking forward to pools and lanes!

A quick summary what you currently cannot do (yet) using

  • Modeling call activities from the palette
  • Expand / collapse sub processes
  • Drilling down into sub processes (cf. this thread).

Could you elaborate a bit more on your use case, i.e. the things you would like to achive using our demo?

Do you talk about call activities (referencing external processes) or actual sub processes?

Expanded / Collabsed Sub Process

Call Activity

Thanks for the response nikku. The three points you mentioned were exactly what I was asking for. Also, my understanding that the difference between an Activity and a subprocess is that a subprocess is special because it’s reusable / callable from anywhere.