Creating Higher Resolution JPG and PNG Exports

In the current version of the Camunda Modeler (which I love) you have SVG, JPG, and PNG export options. These are great, but the JPG and PNG exports are at such a low resolution, I hesitate using the output in presentations or on larger printed reports. I can use the SVG file to achieve higher resolutions using online converters ( or design software, but I have found that the SVG file is not read correctly and the dotted lines in the model turns solid, the arrow heads disappear, or the line thicknesses change. How can I get a higher resolution JPG or PNG of my model?

Hi kingsberya,

try inkscape to export a svg as png. Here you can set the resolution.

Cheers, Ingo

Thanks Ingo,

I had tried Inkscape and had had a bad experience, but your post encouraged me to try again and I found it worked perfectly!

Many thanks,

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