Creating a BlackBox


Is there any way to create a blackbox on How?


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Not sure what a blackbox is. Could you clarify that?

I have the same feature request.

Here is a description of black box pools:
Here is an example of how it looks like:

It would be great to have this feature on bpmn-io!

Nevermind, I just found it:

image is really great!

Good thing you found it! @LinqLover

We are currently investigating how to make this feature more discoverable. Would you have expected another action/label instead of “Collapsed Pool”?

(Sorry for necrobumping, but I think we can keep the discussion here for this time)

I’m probably not experienced enough with curently to judge about this question, but retrospectively, I am not sure whether an extra action for collapsed pools would be a wise decision since it would overload the total UI a little bit more. The left sidebar is just exactly fitting on my laptop at the moment screen and it should keep doing so. :slight_smile:

(Instead, you could rather consider adding a search box á la MS Office “Tell me what you want to do” or VS Code’s Command Palette, personally I love this “type to command” workflow – but this could also be overengineering for this situation, I don’t know.)