Create new task type extending user-task


I would like to create a new task type who just extending the user-task.

It’s will not change the xml, it’s just graphic thing.

So I would like to know if there is a possibilitie to create a new task who appear in sub-folder like above and with the same panel-propertie and behavior as user-task without rewrite all the element ?

Second question, did the icons store in : bpmn-js/assets/bpmn-font/font/bpmn.svg and linked in bpmn-js/assets/bpmn-font/css/bpmn-embedded.css by their unicode ? (to be sure)

If you have any question or if you’ve misunderstood something (my english is pretty bad), please ask.

Thanks, Romain.


After somes test, I create new element :

“name”: “GeneroTask”,
“superClass”: [
“properties”: [
“name”: “renderings”,
“type”: “Rendering”,
“isMany”: true
“name”: “implementation”,
“isAttr”: true,
“type”: “String”

then, I can change graphic representation of the element.

And on function fromXML() and toXML() (bpmn-moddle.js) I replace “bpmn2:generoTask” by "bpmn2:UserTask genero:isGenero=“true” " and vice versa (to be use with camunda who don’t know generoTask)

I know it’s not a good way to do that, so if you know/find an other way please tell me :slight_smile:


Looks like a legitimate solution. Plugging in new elements into the popup menu always requires extending the existing code base.