Create new Menu for Tasks

Im currently trying to create a new Menu for my own Tasks instead of having them in the palette.
Somthing like the menu on the right in the screenshot below.

I went through a lot of the example and forum but couldn’t find anything on how to get tasks into a different menu.
Is there maybe something i overlooked or does someone have an idea how to do it?

What is your menu supposed to do?

The idea is to have my own tasks in my own menu and not the palette.
From there it should be possible to drag and drop these tasks onto the canvas.

What’s keeping you from doing this? There’s no example for this but after having a look at PaletteProvider you should be able to build the feature.

Maybe im just overlooking something but im having problems trying to understand where i can tell the tasks where they should be displayed. To me it seems like they just get automatically put into the palette

Maybe this image makes it a little bit easier to explain what im trying to achieve.
I created a Task Menu thats on the same level as the canvas and i would like to create Tasks in there and be able to drag and drop them onto the canvas and have them behave like they do when dragged and dropped from the palette.