Create custom pre-configured service task into the elements palette

We have a requirement to add a Pre-configured service task into the tool palette which can drag and drop to the canvas and this service task should have a connector that connects to a Rest API as well.

This is a common use case. How can we help you with that? What have you implemented so far?

We Integrated the BPMNJS with Angular 15.
we followed the link

and created the custom element in Palette/Context Pad in Web Modeler.
For Rest connector we followed the steps mentioned in

But we are facing bpmn:ExtensionElements error

Could you be more specific?

We are getting below error while clicking on other properties in property panel.

You forgot to add the camunda-bpmn-moddle extension.

Already we have added that extension still getting the same error.

@B_Prashanth We need concrete steps to reproduce your issue or we’ll not be able to help you. Wild guessing is going to be a waste of your (and our) time.

Consider sharing a code sandbox that isolates the issue or share a fork of the custom elements example that showcases what is not working for you.