Create Array Inputs in property Panel

Hi Team,

I have ceated custom input tab With one input box. I want to create Plus icon similer to input parameter for my custom input , can anyone please suggest how to create array of inputs in custom tab? Which entry field do we need to use to create array input fields.


What do you mean by “array inputs”? What form field type are you referring to?

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Hi Niklas
I want to create similer kind of input parameters with Plus icon in my custom ptoperty tab.

You could have a look how these parameters are created and build your own in a similar way.

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Thanks for the update Niklas_Kiefer
I will refer that
do we have similer type of entryfactory to create array type of inputs??

Not really. We have the Collapsible which is basically adding the collapsible header. All the other stuff is not generic.

We are currently investigating a new properties panel architecture, so things like that should be easier in the future.

Thanks Niklas_Kiefer
then I need to create complete custom input param to achieve my requirement