Create a custom connection

Hi! I want to add a dotted association between messages and choreography tasks, like in the image below.


How can I create this kind of connection and how can I set the target type and the source type of it?

In the base modeler when I connect two task in different Participant, the connection created is automatically dotted. There is a possibility to the the same with my new connection?

I tried to change the custom-elements example, but all changes were correct.


Hey @kekkotto, first of all: The stuff you’re building looks very interesting. Any plans to make it open source / share it with us?

This would also allow us to have a closer look into what you’re building and help you out.

Dear @nikku,
thanks for your interest. The project is part of my master thesis at the university of Camerino and it can be downloaded in the bitbucket site under the following link I’ m working hard to extend your modellig environment with the choreography diagram. I did it directly on the bpmn-js and diagram-js. I was able to include choreoghraphy task but as I said the associations can not be included due to the lack of any support. Do you have any suggestions? Are you also working on this? I would like to closelly cooperate in case we could togheter reach the final objective.

I am working in the Pros laboratory @ University of Camerino since the thesis is part of a wide project in which we are providing conformance relation between collaboration and choreographie. This is the main reason behind my thesis. We also have a safeness and soundness check connected to the camunda model that you can see on the My colleagues can give you more details on this part and we could also arrange a conf-call and push forward a collaboration.

Looking forward to any suggestions.

Thanks for sharing!

We’re not working on these Choreography or Conversation views for BPMN right now. It’s always interesting to see research going on in that area though.

Regarding your question how to create the association instead of a sequence flow: Look into Modeling#connect which will create the appropriate connection type based on pre-defined rules. You should be able to extend these pre-defined rules to suite your needs.