Create a custom bower bundle

Sorry for my poor English, but i’ll try to explain my problem

i’ve tried to follow Nikku’s instructions from github to get library like in the prepacked bower example from here

But i faced with problem:
if i expose external libraries and will try to use generated library in test project without linking those external libraries, BPMNJS still works, so im doing conclusion that my grunt file isn’t correct and external libraries are still present in generated library

here is my test grunt file

'use strict';
module.exports = function(grunt) {
// project configuration
pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json'),

browserify: {

  // create customized bower bundle
  bower: {
    files: {
      'dist/bpmn-viewer-custom.js': [ 'index.js' ]
    options: {
      browserifyOptions: {
        standalone: 'BpmnJS',
        // make sure we do not include browser shims unnecessarily
        insertGlobalVars: {
          process: function () {
              return 'undefined';
          Buffer: function () {
              return 'undefined';
          transform: [
         // ensure you expose all your external libraries via their global prefix
        // (jQuery -> window.$, ...)
       [ 'exposify', {
          global: true,
             expose: {
               sax: 'sax',
               snapsvg: 'Snap',
               lodash: '_',
               jquery: '$',
              'jquery-mousewheel': '$'
         } ]


grunt.registerTask('default', [ 'browserify:bower' ]);

I run to commands
sudo npm inatall
sudo grunt browserify:bower

This kind of question is beyond what we can provide here.

Check if exposify works together with browserify's standalone mode.

Hi, Nico!
I’m new to NodeJs stuff. Unfortunately i even have no idea what to do. How should command look like?
sudo grunt browserfy:exposify ?
my final goal is to build a custom modeler with extended capabilities, but i faced with problems in your tutorial