Copy XML-Code in the Web-App

Hi everyone,

as we would like to use bpmnio with the dokuwiki plugin “bpmnio” (creating the bpmn in the web-app and viewing it inside the wiki), we need to copy the bpmn/xml-file somehow into the wiki.

As there are a lot of different people working on it, it would be really nice if it would be possible to copy the xml of the created diagram directly (as far as I know, right now you need to save it and then open it with an editor). Because some of the people who are using it who do not know which program to use to open it, it would be great if there would be a possibility like there is in rigrr ( if you save the file: you see the xml-data. Of course, another way of copying it directly would be great too.

I know that this is just a matter of useability, but it would be the a very smart and easy way to get bpmn into a wiki, if this small feature would be implemented.

It works perfectly with the chrome app, as you can directly copy the xml but then everyone would need to install a program which is not as easy in the company.

I hope I do not sound too demanding and I really like your application.

Thanks and best regards,

We are not the maintainers of the dokuwiki bpmnio extension. Please adress your concerns on the extension GitHub issue tracker.

I love to see that extension though :sunny:.

Thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

I would like to copy the xml-content of the web-app ( without saving it in a file so there is no need to change the dokuwiki extension of bpmnio. I just would be glad to copy this xml-content of the bpmn-demo to use it in the dokuwiki extension.

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