Context Pad always visible in viewer

Is there a way in which you can have the context pad always visible? In other words, the user does not have to select an object first to view the context pad, it’s already visible and the user has one less “click” to choose an option. This is wanted in view mode. In model mode it’s perfect as it is.

Last but very important… thank you for a GREAT work on this. It is spectacular… but the learning curve is tough :smile:

Why do you want the context pad to be available in the viewer? The point of viewer is that you cannot modify the diagram, only display it.

Because the client needed some extra features (submit remarks for each object as needed), so I customized the context pad to the viewer. It’s working perfectly.
But now the client asked if it’s possible to have the context pad for each object always visible… The client want’s so that the user see’s the options in context pad without having to “click” an object.

There can only be one instance of the context pad at a time. You cannot have two context pads at the same time. For that you’d need to change how the context pad works.

I see what you mean… the same “context pad” is used for all objects. Thanks for your explanation.

@Christopher_Nilsson I suggest you to use overlays (the context pad in fact is an overlay) for the job in viewer mode, cf. overlays example.

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