Confusion about how certain features work

Hi there,

I’m currently using the free online tool to create a diagram to outline an end to end process for a new ERP system, and there are a couple of features I’d like to ask about.

The image below shows how I would like to connect the first StartEvent (Lead Generated in the Marketing Pool) to the ‘Lead assigned’ task in the CSS Pool, and the Start Event in the Service/Repair pool to the Check Customer Existence.

For the first case, the issue I have is that I want the arrow to go FROM the ‘Lead Generated’ event in the top pool TO the ‘Lead Assigned’ task. Is there anyway to ‘reverse’ this as it’s currently the wrong way around?

In the second case, there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect the ‘Service/Repair Order Received’ Start Event in the bottom pool to the ‘Check Customer Existence’ gateway in the CSS pool. Is there no way to connect multiple events/tasks to a gateway? Or is it just a matter of getting the correct type of gateway?

Similarly I want to connect the ‘Lead Type’ gateway in the CSS Pool to the ‘Project Lead’ Task in the Sales + Project team pool, and to the Channel Partner Lead task in the Channel Partner pool. Currently I can only connect this gateway to the ‘Standard Lead’ task within the CSS pool. Once again, is this just a matter of selecting the correct gateway?

I’m quite new to BPMN, so any helpful advice or resources/guides would be welcome!



Hi @BKarageorghis,

your tasks and events have to have right types to draw message flows in the desired directions.

We have a free BPMN Training in the Camunda Academy:

Especially, the section about Orchestration & Collaboration explains what is allowed and what is forbidden regarding message flows. If you try to draw a forbidden message flow, the modeler will change direction, if this direction is an allowed construct.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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