Conflict of css in bpmnlint and simulation

This is a known issue. There is no guarantee that plugins will play nicely with each other.

@philippfromme We could consider making the token simulation toggle switch a user responsibility.

That would solve many issue that it causes (move responsibility to show something reasonable to integrators).

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Yes I solved by means of CSS styles

    width: 26px !important;
    height: 26px !important;

  #ngb-nav-8-panel > acme-bpmn-proceso > div > app-diagram > div > div > div > div.djs-overlay-container > div:nth-child(1) > div{
    left: 185px !important;


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Yes, we should make all but the essential UI components of the plugin the user’s concern. I assume that for the Camunda Modeler plugin we would then add the necessary UI as part of the plugin?

Exactly, or not add it at all (i.e. because usage happens via keyboard shortcut).

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