Combining of two task box. Custom element


Hi Everyone,

I want to add custom element like that . Like combining of two task boxes. It doesnt need to have task properties. But selectable or editable must.


But I couldn’t find any example for it. In examples applying append svg to parent. But I need to add selectable and editable boxes like task box. If you help me I ’ will be happy. You can give a link for that. Thank you.

Add One More Label to Element

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Are the two boxes in your screen supposed to be one element?


Yes one element. Like vertical Pool/Participiant.

I have a form near the diagram. I 'm changing form according to element selected. So For this element I want to set my business settings separately for that. I need to call element selected event separately.


Please provide some code example based on so that we know where actually you get stuck.