Coloring models - Is there a user interface available for using color API?

I am trying to implement coloring into my bpmn-js. I saw that there is an integrated API which allows applying coloring to my model and XML. But this will only allow me to change colors via programming.
Now I am wondering if there is any library/extension available which provides a color selection for the user interface or if I have to program it on my own.
I saw that for Camunda Modeler there is already a color picker implemented. (

You already mentioned that bpmn-js provides the basic functionality to set colors, the UI is not part of the core. Maybe this extension is what you’re looking for:

Yeah I found this extension too. But I was not sure if it is using the color API. So will coloring be saved in my xml?

Actually, it seems that this extension only provides educational contents and might be not built on top of the API you mentioned.

So then there seems to be no ready-to-use extension. But there is a Camunda Modeler bpmn-js plugin which uses the command stack for it: This could be a good example.