CollapsibleEntry in Custom Properties Provider

Hi! I use CollapsibleEntry to customize the properties panel in my custom properties provider. I want the entries to remain open or closed on updates. The Collapsible Entry implements the open prop to manage this, yet I do not understand how to get the previous state. Also I want the TextFieldEntry in the CollapsibleEntry to maintain focus if edited. Could you assist on this?

Here a screenshot of the the properties panel:

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Hi! Are you able to share your extension inside a CodeSandbox so we can inspect it? This way it would be easier for us to see what’s going on.

Hi Niklas! Thanks for the quick reply. Could you check on the link to the sandbox? I am trying to bring my setup to codesandbox but it might be easier if I try to replicate the behavior with a standard setup. Thank you!

Thanks for the notice, seems like the URL was outdated. I just updated it :+1:

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I was able to reproduce the behavior. I copied the entire CustomPropertiesProvider so I hope it’s still easy to follow. Let me know if you have any questions and if it works for you!

Here the sandbox: bpmn-js-properties-panel-collapsible-entry - CodeSandbox

P.S. If you have some feedback on the way I update the extension element in Service I would love to hear it. Particularly on injecting moddle to create the elements. I didn’t find any example or best practice on how to do that. Thanks!