Changing names of groups and elements

Hello, im new to bpmn-js and i copied a example of the properties panel. Now i want to know how i can change the names of groups and elements. I found the declaration in bpmn-js-properties-panel/index.js but if i change the labels there, nothing happens. What can i do?

here what i want to change

You can override the translate module to achieve this:

import translate from "diagram-js/lib/i18n/translate/translate";


function customTranslate(template, replacements) {
  if (template === "General") {
    template = "Foo";

  return translate(template, replacements);

const CustomTranslateModule = {
  translate: ["value", customTranslate]

const modeler = new Modeler({
  additionalModules: [

CodeSandbox: Custom Properties Panel Labels Example - CodeSandbox

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