Changing Intermediate Events into Boundary Events

Hi all.

I regularly see less experienced users either trying to move existing intermediate events onto the border of an activity or trying to use context menu intermediate events to create boundary events. See:

I would also see this as a valuable feature as an experienced user in order to rearrange existing fragments of the diagram and faster/easier produce boundary events from the context menu. It should in my mind work the other way round, too: grab a boundary event and put it somewhere in the middle of an existing sequence flow.

Issue on GitHub:

Could you check if that is what you mean?

The other issue I had was that it was not immediately obvious to me how to add a Boundary Event to begin with. I tried adding from the palette but instead of dropping it on the border I was trying to drop it on the task itself.

I actually thought it was just not supported in the modeler, until I received confirmation from another Camunda user that you do indeed have to drag from the left which gave me more confidence to try different approaches. Silly me.

However, I wonder why not allow the user to drop it in the middle of the task and automatically pop it to the border (anywhere)? Also wonder why it’s not added to context menu.

You could also change the tooltip on the palette to say Create IntermediateThrowEvent/BoundaryEvent.

Just some ideas.

I like the idea of being able to drop an intermediate event anywhere on the task and get it attached at a default position. Would be consistent with the possibility to drop sequence/message flows anywhere on a symbol and would also make it easier to produce visually clean and consistent models with similar positions for boundary events.

Great feedback all together.

I think creating the boundary event on a default position is something we should have in the long term. I added an issue for that in our issue tracker.

Changing the label in the palette is an easy pick we will try to fix with our next release.

What do you mean with this?

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Are there any updates on this issue?

Nope. Feel free to contribute!

Still open! I still feel free to contribute, but I can’t! :slight_smile: I want to add what actually happens much more often than the use case shown above. People drag the symbol from the pane into the drawing area and drop it, sometimes just accidentally. Then they try to attach it in the second step and just don’t get what goes wrong!

Please :+1: the linked GitHub issue, so we get an indication whether we should implement this some day, maybe.

Done. This issue has 2.000 visualisations here, btw.