Changing colors does not work for cmmn-js?

I implemented colors for my bpmn-Modeler. I use the color API for changing colors. Now I also want to add this feature to my CNNM-Modeler.

cmmnEditor.get("eventBus").on('selection.changed', function(context) {
  var oldSelection = context.oldSelection;
  var newSelection = context.newSelection;
  if(newSelection.length > 0 ){
  	window.cmmnEditor.get("modeling").setColor(newSelection, {stroke:'black', fill: document.getElementById("#{id:colorPicker}").value });

It works fine for bpmn. But when I try to implement the code above into my cmmn-modeler the modeler does not work anymore.
Are there any differences for the color apis? (or is there any api?)

You’re right, there seems to be no coloring API for cmmn-js.